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Caller ID said Edwardsville Il two weeks ago. Yesterday the same number called saying Damage Area. SCAM!!


Number belongs to Michael Abbritier who goes by the alias of mike arby. He tells people that he works for the FBI. He is a date rapist and an STD giver.


Robot call from an IRS officer


808-472-3942 appears to be a malicious auto-dialer. Beware answering, as this simply confirms what timeframe you are most likely to be at home. This company collects data and sells it to marketing firms, political groups, legitimate public interest surveys, AND collection agencies (which are most likely to cross-reference you by a family name for someone who may or may not actually relate to you). Strongly reccomend not answering - DO NOT pick up the phone when called.




I called back. It asked me to punch in my area code and phone number. I didn't of course. On another site, it warned that this was a "ping" scam.


Called three different times leaving same message. FAKE IRS call claiming final notice (each time) of pending lawsuit..


864-513-3608 and 864-568-2589 the person(s) behind these phone numbers are scammers. They find you on a dating site, befriend you tell you their sob story which is usually his wife died, says how lonely they are, they are looking for a long term relationship after they gain your trust they ask you for money. The names and photos they post are false. The first time i fell for it then his buddy did the same, I told him no and he harassed me. Now they are at it again. Its like they were waiting for me to join a site cuz an hour after joining one this man contacts me and tells me all the same things the others did months ago. They are heart less scum bags that prey on women they think they can get money from. Please do not fall for it.


This number belongs to a waste of a human life named Mike. He is a liar, date rapist, and std giver. If you have a daughter or sister, you will want to earn her about people like this.


Claiming they are filing a lawsuit against me! IRS scam call! Blocked & Reported


I have just started getting these calls myself. I refuse to answer and have blocked the number. These people are ruthless and will not give up.


Notice came up on computer stating I had a virus and call this number to remove it....That is a scam..They give instructions on what to type into computer. That will give them access to it. Then they install a virus and want to charge money to remove it. I have a Google Hang Out Dialer on my tablet where I can call local numbers or 1 800 numbers free. I called them and they proceeded to give me instructions on what keys to hit on computer. I pretended to do it then played dumb on what keys they meant..They finally got impatient with me and hung up. I had my fun and took up a lot of their time.On the Google Hang Out Dialer since there is not an actual phone number Im using they do not get any number on their call display.




Suspected Spam Flagged as Scam or Fraud Fake Caller ID


Just got the same scam call. I'm going to jail or being picked up by a local coack! Blocked now


Scammers from IRS! Claiming they are filing a lawsuit against me


Told me they were going to rape me and force their seed deep into my awaiting cunt! Filthy Animal!






Typical scam method! They are offering free stuff, but actually they are getting you to say "YES" and make purchases in your name!!!


Lady had my name & said she was calling from the orthopedic department & wanted to know if I still had back or knee pain. She went on to ask if I was having any shoulder pain. I assured her I was not. She wanted to know if I had any other pains etc... Realizing this was a scam, I hung up.


Robocall claiming to be Credit Card Services and offering to lowering your credit rates


They left a fake message saying that I am being investigated for fraud by the IRS. Total scam!


scammers approved loan scam! Do not answer! blocked


The caller saying I had a lawsuit against me :) SCAM!!! IRS


Scam call! scammer saying won a car and money.


IRS scam call! Claiming they are filing a lawsuit against me and demanding money.


SCAM!!!!!! I called back after a message they were suing me, he had me verify my name and zip code. Then asked for my date of birth. I stopped answering and said who is this again & what year are we talking about. He then hung up!!


Scam! got this message on my cell stating a lawsuit has been filed


An automated message from IRS! Scam!


Credit interest rate scam call - blocked now!


Caller stated he was my grandson, Michael, and was visiting his friend, David. I could tell by his voice he was fishing for information. I asked him how old he was on last birthday, because I had forgotten. He said 21. I then told him I had no grandson named Michael who was 21 and I would be reporting his number (caller ID) to the police (which I did). He then said a vulgar remark and hung up.


It was a pre-recorded message from fake IRS


I also got a call from that number. All they did was Trenton Court action saying I had to call them r for money


"Amber Stone" was the caller. this is a scam, it is someone trying to say that you owe money for a cash advance or loan and if you don't settle immediately your bank accounts will be seized. This is an absolute scam as I have never had any cash advance loans. They could not give proper documentation, only demanded that money be wired to them. A reverse search of this number shows a local address of a very run down and nearly condemned house.


keep calling me and saying I have a problem with my computer, their mistake is i am not falling for their gimmick! do not engage these idiots, they want to steal from you.


it claims to be from IRS because an arrest warrant was issued and me and my property is surveillance, need to call for arrangements?? Same message was yesterday from 703 634 0152; This number has several reports of fake impersonation and scam


800-596-1758 is widely reported on multiple sites as a scam in which person calling says your Microsoft Windows license is expiring. Microsoft does not contact people this way to begin with, and anyone who knows anything at all about MS Windows knows that when you buy your copy of the Windows Operating System (whether as a stand-alone software product, or pre-installed on your purchased computer) the license does not "expire" nor require "renewal." These callers are probably trying to either get you to buy a "green-dot" type of cash card or trying to get you to go to a website for "help" only to find out quickly that they are installing ransom-ware on your computer, at which point you are screwed -- you either cough up the ransom dough or lose your already scrambled files. If you call this number and do what the caller says, you're either naïve or a fool.


People are calling from this number to commit fraud. They begin saying that you owe money from some books that were sent by FedEx and that you owe $20,000 of unpaid bills. All lies, as I never order books! It also seems that these people believe that the person that answers is somehow an illegal alien, as they try to talk to you in Spanish. They say that they know where you live, where you work, and somehow they know if you have children or not, and if you do not pay at least a fraction of what you owe, they will call Immigration and that they will assess your living conditions, and possibly take your children away from you. Also they will arrest you. So, you get instructions to gather some cash (a sum around $1,000) and drive to a local grocery store, where you are supposed to call them back when you arrive, so someone can come and get the money. So if you don't pay they will come to arrest you, but if you pay, that will buy you some time. So a while later, there is some "lawyer" from Immigration (or so they say) that calls and demands that you be ready with the money, and ask you when you can come with it to the store


IRS LAWSUIT scam call, recorded message.


Fake offer! Called saying won a stay in a Walt Disney world resort.

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