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Got a call from Davin Page, extension number BDC 6061, from 310-294-3744 claiming to be from Dell and calling because they got an alert on their server that someone was trying to hack my computer and he then gave me the service tag # for the computer. He said that Dell puts on diagnostic software and that software was dialing home with an issue. It was a good job of bs. He then proceeded to give me the 877-516-5299 number and told me to call them and they would then connect me to his direct ext.


Received a call from Tom Davis @ #877-516-5299. He said he was from DELL Tech Support ID # 1179. He had most of my computer information as to model and numbers. He said my computer was coming up on Dell's save server and I needed to call him from home while connected to my computer so that he could access my computer to see who was trying to break in and corrupt my data. I told him I would call him back in 8 hours. He said that was to late. I said I'll call Saturday morning. He said he would not be working Saturday. I laughed and asked him if he ran Dell all by himself. I said I'll get back to you and hung up. I called Dell using the numbers that I already had in my phone. I was told that this is a scam. Dell will not call you to sell extended warranties. Also whenever in doubt before giving out credit card numbers and letting them access your computer call Dell using the number listed at


Same happened to me. Received a call from "Tom," purportedly from Dell, Called from 310-294-3726. I asked him for a call back number to confirm his legitimacy, and he gave me 877-516-5299. Of course, when I called that number, they immediately vouched for "Tom" and offered to connect me again. I hung up and called the number for Dell Customer Support (which I got by googling it) and they told me that neither of those numbers belongs to them. Looks like a scam.


I was called from 310-294-3744 by a Tom Dazis who had a heavy foreign accent. He claimed to represent Microsoft Tech Support and was following up on software issues being reported to Microsoft electronically. I was suspicious and asked him for verification via a formal e-mail communication. He said he couldn't communicate via e-mail and asked me to call him back at 877-516-5299. Suffice it to say that isn't happening.


I thought I was talking to Dell, a Robert Wilson with phone number 877 561 5299 from Web Aid Dell. He began working on my computer remotely! When disconnected I was called back by phone number 310-294-3744. I was told my previous contract, didn't cover Internet Virus Protection which he was selling for $199.99. I located and called the real Dell, I think, at 800-624-9896. They had no record of my contract made a few months earlier, and told me to disconnect my computer as I was being hacked. The "Computer Support Bay" name was used with my bank when Robert Wilson of Computer Tech Services for Dell, tried to cash in on my Bank card. . My bank card folks told me the transaction for $199.99 was flagged as fraud with a high fraud rating of 995. The rating scale goes from 1-999. I'd say that's pretty fraudulent!


This is a scam report it to the fbi the the number they called from is 310 294 3726 and they give a call back number of 877 516 5299. The name the 310 is registered to is nemalikanti, c.


Said they were from Dell, read me off my correct e-mail and laptop info, didn't get past that because I knew it was a scam immediately. He gave this phone number and said call back so they can go through the process to get the virus/malware taken care of.


Same said they were from Dell. Not from dell


This happened to us as well. Called up and said they were from Dell. Had our last service date, model number and service tag. Wanted to install software and then charge us ~$275 for extended warranty.


Same to me...they do have some of my real info too :(


Phony call from "Dell Computers" claiming one of my computers had malware and they needed to connect to it from their computer via the internet. I checked with Dell- they were trying to extort by installing their own malware!


Mark phone number as:



Threating and unprofessional


Called twice in the same day, first message has been deleted. Second states "Hello this is officially a final notice from IRS internal revenue services, the reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit on your name because you had tried to do a fraud with the IRS internal revenue service and we are taking a legal action and issuing an arrest warrent on your name. To get more information regarding this case file just call us back on our department number (703)-972-8279. Thank you" Kind of was in a panic at first because I file my own taxes every year, not that I get much back but I get some being a college student. At first I thought maybe I screwed up during the process or something, but also considered it being a scam.


Stephanie calls me and lets me know she's with CRS & Associates. Sounds like a SCAM!!


it's a scam. Beware


This is a scam. BEWARE


claims to be internal revenue service. SCAM


This guys say they are a lone company sounds like a SCAM!


this number called and came up on my caller id as "Scam Likely" WEIRD


Claimed to be Microsoft number appeared 844 263 9992 told to call the number to unlock computer. Had to manually close down computer. Finally called the number a guy who said his name was James said he could fix it for $199.00. BLOCKED, SCAM


Scammer will relieve you of ALL your finances. Soon FCC will catch him & he'll be Adrian Abramovich's jail wife. Call him Ben Dover anytime - he'll just smile! Don't shake his hand - sticky fingers! Yuck!

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