PHONE NUMBER: 5183752202

pointer518 is the area code of Schenectady, NY
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This idiot (s) has called me 4x in the last few minutes and said nothing. I am not scared of them but find them to be very annoying. I see that many have been harassed so why their number still remains is beyond me, let's get the authorities involved. We need to stop these losers. I am a hard working woman trying to get famous and I don't have the time for this type of "stuff."


A robotic voice saying they were the IRS, used extremely threatening language. SCAM. (Not to say that the IRS is any less threatening, criminal or thug-like, just that its not really them. They know I have no money, so they wouldn't waste their time.)


Diane the scammer


Diane or Diana White (maybe as the last name, she talks fast), leaves message that I'll be served shortly and need to return the message right away. When I call, some guy answers, saying he has no information other than my name (which is a very old last name) and has court sealed documents for me, but first I need to call 800.240.6136 and gives me a case number.....which this number is tied to another number I was scammed with last month! Do these people eve STOP!!!


Diane White with EPS has been calling me for the last 2 weeks...saying a formal complainthas been file, that I must have 2 forms of ID ready, must be present to recieve paperwork at either my place of employment or residence. I now her her blocked. This phone call is both harassing, dangerous and unknown!!


Didn't give a name and this is the 4th time I have received this call. They just leave a voice mail telling me that they will make 2 attempts to deliver an important letter and that I must be there with my ID in hand... If you have any questions to call back. They talk super fast. I had to listen to the vm multiple times to get the number and then called it back from another phone and they hang up on you immediately


Same here...Diana White, formal complaint. I blocked them on my phone.


No name, sounded like threats to me. Scam!


Diana White called me too, they will make 2 attempts to deliver letter, have ID ready. WTH is this, we are a company


Didn't leave a name, and I only got half the message, but they said something about sending back files and contacting my lawyer. They called 4 times and left the exact same message each time.


Fast talking women from EPS. Annoying, but I figured it was BS. I don't think it is fair that Scammers and telemarketers can get my phone number but I can't find out who they are. I've had this call before and I will probably get it again.


they called regarding my ex husband - told them i was not married to him so they said they would take my number off their files - who the heck are these people - my ex husband is mentally ill and is in a nursing home


Be home to get these important notices, worry because i say so, thanks i needed that right now since I have real things to worry about.


They keep saying that they're going to my job. And I need to contact a attorney.


EPS, they talk fast and sound important, you'll never get the documents they say you'll get.SCAM




I received the same call.....SCAM


Extremely glad I searched this number before returning a the exact message as most did here about a "formal complaint". SCAM.


Received a call from Ms. White (scam) didn't recognize the number from Albany, NY. "Diane "The Devious" White from EPS left a voice message stating that she was calling in regards to a complaint that needed my immediate attention.


I got the same message..


Mark phone number as:



Threating and unprofessional


Called twice in the same day, first message has been deleted. Second states "Hello this is officially a final notice from IRS internal revenue services, the reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit on your name because you had tried to do a fraud with the IRS internal revenue service and we are taking a legal action and issuing an arrest warrent on your name. To get more information regarding this case file just call us back on our department number (703)-972-8279. Thank you" Kind of was in a panic at first because I file my own taxes every year, not that I get much back but I get some being a college student. At first I thought maybe I screwed up during the process or something, but also considered it being a scam.


Stephanie calls me and lets me know she's with CRS & Associates. Sounds like a SCAM!!


it's a scam. Beware


This is a scam. BEWARE


claims to be internal revenue service. SCAM


This guys say they are a lone company sounds like a SCAM!


this number called and came up on my caller id as "Scam Likely" WEIRD


Claimed to be Microsoft number appeared 844 263 9992 told to call the number to unlock computer. Had to manually close down computer. Finally called the number a guy who said his name was James said he could fix it for $199.00. BLOCKED, SCAM


Scammer will relieve you of ALL your finances. Soon FCC will catch him & he'll be Adrian Abramovich's jail wife. Call him Ben Dover anytime - he'll just smile! Don't shake his hand - sticky fingers! Yuck!

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