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Got a call from Davin Page, extension number BDC 6061, from 310-294-3744 claiming to be from Dell and calling because they got an alert on their server that someone was trying to hack my computer and he then gave me the service tag # for the computer. He said that Dell puts on diagnostic software and that software was dialing home with an issue. It was a good job of bs. He then proceeded to give me the 877-516-5299 number and told me to call them and they would then connect me to his direct ext.


Received a call from Tom Davis @ #877-516-5299. He said he was from DELL Tech Support ID # 1179. He had most of my computer information as to model and numbers. He said my computer was coming up on Dell's save server and I needed to call him from home while connected to my computer so that he could access my computer to see who was trying to break in and corrupt my data. I told him I would call him back in 8 hours. He said that was to late. I said I'll call Saturday morning. He said he would not be working Saturday. I laughed and asked him if he ran Dell all by himself. I said I'll get back to you and hung up. I called Dell using the numbers that I already had in my phone. I was told that this is a scam. Dell will not call you to sell extended warranties. Also whenever in doubt before giving out credit card numbers and letting them access your computer call Dell using the number listed at


Same happened to me. Received a call from "Tom," purportedly from Dell, Called from 310-294-3726. I asked him for a call back number to confirm his legitimacy, and he gave me 877-516-5299. Of course, when I called that number, they immediately vouched for "Tom" and offered to connect me again. I hung up and called the number for Dell Customer Support (which I got by googling it) and they told me that neither of those numbers belongs to them. Looks like a scam.


I was called from 310-294-3744 by a Tom Dazis who had a heavy foreign accent. He claimed to represent Microsoft Tech Support and was following up on software issues being reported to Microsoft electronically. I was suspicious and asked him for verification via a formal e-mail communication. He said he couldn't communicate via e-mail and asked me to call him back at 877-516-5299. Suffice it to say that isn't happening.


I thought I was talking to Dell, a Robert Wilson with phone number 877 561 5299 from Web Aid Dell. He began working on my computer remotely! When disconnected I was called back by phone number 310-294-3744. I was told my previous contract, didn't cover Internet Virus Protection which he was selling for $199.99. I located and called the real Dell, I think, at 800-624-9896. They had no record of my contract made a few months earlier, and told me to disconnect my computer as I was being hacked. The "Computer Support Bay" name was used with my bank when Robert Wilson of Computer Tech Services for Dell, tried to cash in on my Bank card. . My bank card folks told me the transaction for $199.99 was flagged as fraud with a high fraud rating of 995. The rating scale goes from 1-999. I'd say that's pretty fraudulent!


This is a scam report it to the fbi the the number they called from is 310 294 3726 and they give a call back number of 877 516 5299. The name the 310 is registered to is nemalikanti, c.


Said they were from Dell, read me off my correct e-mail and laptop info, didn't get past that because I knew it was a scam immediately. He gave this phone number and said call back so they can go through the process to get the virus/malware taken care of.


Same said they were from Dell. Not from dell


This happened to us as well. Called up and said they were from Dell. Had our last service date, model number and service tag. Wanted to install software and then charge us ~$275 for extended warranty.


Same to me...they do have some of my real info too :(


Phony call from "Dell Computers" claiming one of my computers had malware and they needed to connect to it from their computer via the internet. I checked with Dell- they were trying to extort by installing their own malware!


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one Mary Moore called and left a message on my phone saying that I have a criminal charge against me. if I do call back there will be a warrant out for my arrest.


Phone Type:Land Line Location:South Richmond Hill, NY Level 3 Communications VoIP; Brooklyn, NY Its exchange 521 is managed by VERIZON NEW YORK, INC. - NY The number is currently on switch number NYCKNYLADS0 Scam or Fraud


Phone Type:Cellular Location:Rockford, IL Verizon Wireless Mobile. Its exchange 978 is managed by CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON The number is currently on switch number RCFRILAJCM1 Flagged as Scam or Fraud


A heavily accented man said his name was Jonathan said he was from Microsoft Windows tech service and that someone was trying to override my computer. Nice try. I wasn't even home! have blocked this number. This is the second time I have had this type of call. Don't remember the name of the first person from a couple of months ago. I smelled a rat immediately.


My credit card was charged $5.95 with this number. On my credit card line entry it said Youth and this number. When I called the number they would only say it was a business in Africa. They wanted my address which I refused to give them. My card has been compromised.




Male Indian accent. Said he was calling from Microsoft. Said my computer needs repair. Doesn't believe that I don't have a computer. Persistent.


Wanted my bank info- saying I defaulted on a student loan.?? Last time I looked, my student loan was paid off in 1999!


Fake car warranty! Blocked!


text offering enzyme money for working at home, addressed to Jessica. I am on a do not call list and they are sending texts, I have blocked them, still get through


I got a call from 3600368544, he said he was from Treasury department and I won a grant money of $9000.00. All kinds of complements... "I was in good standing with.....". After he ranted for few seconds I told him that I think it is a scam call and Federal Government wont call people to hand out money. He got mad, said if I want the money he will transfer my info to his supervisor and he will handle it from there, if I don't want the money I should hang up. I said "I am not interested, Thank you". His exact words were "right there Mother F*$#3r" and hang up.


Have been called twice today.Why my number? Can't understand him!


Called telling me that my vehicle warranty was about to expire and it was my last chance. So funny I had talk to Ford about my warranty last week anyways. Scam!


Call from Jamaica claiming they are from publishers clearing house.....classic scam....very lame.


Didn't answer, no vm left. Now I'm glad I didn't answer. I have blocked this number from my phone.


Scam us teasury agent about tax fraud


Washington DC 202 246 1001 called my cell number 5 times today.


Person claims to be the I.R.S. This, of course is a phone scam!


called a bunch of times when i call back theres no answer


faxed rx to physician office this is a scam and I am turning them in to medicare Fraud


They and leave no message when I call back there is a voice-mail saying the number but no company name.


I believe this to be a scam.


Called me twice pretending to be the IRS. Saying they filed a lawsuit against me. They woke me up. Twice. Definitely going to report them to the FTC. Nobody interrupts my sleep.


Daniel Carmen pulled a apple fee game on me a I lost over $1,100 on there scam told me they have loan for me $5,000 approve. pay there fees with apple . now we are in a very big mess lost money and we can't pay our bills


+1-609-225-5799 Received yet another call from this (Skywest, can't really remember) anyways the Asian sounding woman notified me they were giving away free trips. I politely declined and she insisted they were not selling anything. I said I know, but your going to ask me to pay $75 for tax purposes. As I was closing the brief conversation she just hung up on me. How rude! I didn't even get to finish what I was saying.


+1 (819) 266-4728 Anyone would grab a free $84 but watch out people they stole over 2k out of my account and the police can't do shit about it!


Called about Social Security Disability. The man said I had inquired about getting benefits.I hadn't called or e-mailed about benefits. So this was a scam. I think he wanted my social security number.


415-815-4898 sends link in text. DO NOT fall for it. Bank of America scam


The first time they called was with a 12 igit number. They called the next day using 9. I could hardly understand the lady and when I told her I wasn't available and could I take a measege, she said she'd call later when I was available. I don't know how 12 and 9 digit calls would work, but this caller was definitely full of crap.


It's called diet something they sell pills to cut hunger they say its a 14 day trial it costs 14.99 but it's not that at all its 300$ for a month do not buy a real scam


No clue


NP Associates. Threatening to call my family and friends if I don't provide social security number and pay them money


Left a voicemail saying I am being sued by the IRS I need to call this number immediately .... I will not call them pretty sure it's a scam I wish someone can verify this


Ghost/cold call no voicemail left. When called back it said the number did not exist please enter the number and try again.


I ordered hurricane spin scrubber. Got email it shipped. Then got call from this number asking if I remember ordering the scrubber. Several time asked questions seemingly looking for a yes answer. I tried to not say that. Finally they said it shipped again looking for me to say yes. BEWARE OF HURRICANE SCRUBBER ORDERING. They put you in database to call and sell you stuff. I called the customer service number from their website and was told they give name and number out for sales calls. I am calling credit card company to be sure they do not accept charges from that company.


A man with an accent, tells me that he is receiving critical messages from my home computer. This is not the first time this is like the 7th time a man has called from this number. How do we stop these calls? This number is dangerous and harassing.


They call and never leave a message. Tired of getting this types of calls.


no one spoke


This was a missed call and when I checked my phone, I initially saw it as V22017465200525. When I did some research, I learned that the V is the type of dialer the call came from..this is a scam/telemarketing call. The 22017 was today's date. Apparently the rest of the number is some sort of code the scammer uses. When I opened up the missed call in order to ass it to my auto-reject list, I saw the actual number: (480) 821 2253. From what I read, this is a scam call and nobody should be answering the phone when they see this type of number (or code) coming in.

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